Jeep Brake Components

ABS Parts, Master Cylinders, Brackets & More

Brakes break, cables snap, and sometimes parts are just flat-out missing. Luckily, Northridge4x4 carries a variety of brake components to add to your Jeep's braking system - or replace broken ones. Our brake components come from well-respected manufacturers like Teraflex, Mopar, Crown, Artec and many more. It is important that the brakes on your Jeep work properly. OthRead Moreerwise, you are at risk of causing an accident or being unable to control your Jeep. Your Jeep's braking system may be damaged by wear and tear, impact, or poor usage. When you realize a problem, it is important to change the broken components as soon as possible.

Here is a quick look at some components of your Jeep's 4x4 brake system.

ABS Control Module

Most Jeeps use ABS brakes. This module performs all diagnostic checks on the ABS braking and determines the pressure that would be put on each wheel to prevent a wheel lockup.

Brake Booster

The brake booster reduces the pressure the driver would have to put on the pedal to ensure the brakes work properly. This booster uses an engine vacuum and a pressure system to increase the force of the brake pedal on the master cylinder.

Brake Booster for Jeep JK

Disc Brakes

The Jeeps usually have disc brakes on the front wheels. These disc brakes have brake pads that press against the rotor (disc) when you apply the brake pedal to stop your vehicle. These pads are then attached to the caliper assembly, whose work is to frame the rotor.

Disk Brake Pads for all Jeeps

Drum Brakes

The drum brakes are usually at the rear of the vehicle. They feature components like brake shoes, wheel cylinders, and brake drums. When you press the brake pedal, the brake shoes are forced into the drum by the wheel cylinders, which causes the vehicle to stop.

You can also use a Disc Brake Conversion Kit on models like LJ and TJ to convert from drum to disc brakes.

Emergency Brake

The emergency braking system is the main system that keeps your Jeep from rolling. It is also called a parking brake, an e-brake, or a hand brake. The braking is used when the vehicle is being parked.

We offer an emergency brake cable for Jeep TJ

Master Cylinder

The master cylinder is used to convert the non-hydraulic pressure into a hydraulic one that the wheels use to press the brake pads against the disc to bring your Jeep to a stop.

If your Jeep JK has an automatic transmission, we have a great Mopar Master Cylinder and Brake Booster.

Brake Pedal

The pedal is the gadget that activates your brake system. When you press the pedal, it moves a piston in the master cylinder and starts the process of stopping the vehicle.


With an ABS braking system, some sensors monitor the speed of each wheel. This information is sent to the ABS control module to manage the system.

ABS Sensor Mounts

Brake Calipers

Brake calipers perform the mechanical movement of the braking system by clamping the brake lining onto the disc. These calipers are also called piston brakes or brake pads. The calipers use the hydraulic pressure generated by the change in pressure in the brake fluid as it enters through a cable or a hose.

JK Red Calipers

There are two types of calipers: fixed and floating calipers. The floating ones are positioned in the brake support system. These calipers then shift to either the right or the left. The brake pistons are also only available on one side. They cause the car to push the brake pads when they move.

On the other hand, a fixed caliper has its position integrated with the brake support system. This mechanism keeps the caliper still and makes it only work on the brake piston.

Each major part has several smaller components that may also be damaged during braking. Some parts include the piston seal, piston brakes, caliper brackets, and brake cables. You can also buy ABS conversion kits, ABS mounting plates, and emergency brake cables.

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