Jeep Brake Line Brackets

ARB, Rancho, RockJock & More

Extended brake lines are almost always a must when lifting your Jeep, and those lines need special brackets to hold them in place. We carry a variety of brake line brackets from brands like ARB, Rancho, Teraflex & more. You need extended brake lines when lifting your Jeep. The brackets help release tension in your brake lines after lifting your vehicle. You generally nRead Moreeed them when you have lifted over 1 3/8-inches. There are various bracket brands in the market for the job.

Jeep Brake Line Brackets

The brackets may come as part of the kit or as singular pieces. The brackets relocate the brake line to help prevent it from being damaged when you are on off-road adventures. After the lift and the line are in place, there is enough wheel clearance that allows for good movement of the suspension.

The brackets also help reduce the movement of the flexible brake line and the ABS speed sensor. Most brackets come with a recessed channel where the wheel speed sensor wire passes.

The Brackets Buying Guide

Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind when buying Jeep brake line brackets.

Quality of Material

The main function of the bracket is to support the brake line after a lift. It should be made of a material that can deflect the tension forces that would be acting on the brake line. Many of them are made of stainless steel as it is lighter but also sturdy. There are others made of steel with zinc plating for the utmost strength.

Ease of Installation

Even if you have a shop put your brackets on, it is still good to check level of ease of installation and the mode in which it will be installed. Go for a bracket kit with easy installation guidelines that fit into the brake lines without needing additional modification. The nuts should also be large enough and bolt-on so they are easy to put in place and fasten with hand tools.

The Expected Jeep Lift

The height you intend to lift the factory brake lines determines how long you want the brackets to be. Most brackets are designed to relocate the lines when you lift the vehicle about 2.4 inches. However, there are a few that retain the brake lines for bigger lifts.

Most Jeep owners lift their vehicles at the same height in the front and rear so in that case you will use the same size. However, there are brackets specifically designed for use on the rear wheel and others for the front wheel. In the same breath, you may also consider kits with recessed lines on the brackets to hide the ABS wheel sensor lines. These brackets give your vehicle a better installation after lifting and lower the chances that the rough ground may cut the sensor wire during off-road trips.


While this is the last thing that most Jeep owners may think of when buying a bracket, it is also important to consider a bracket that blends in with the rest of the body. It will not be seen when one checks the front and rear wheels. This may affect the resale value of your Jeep.


As explained earlier, the choice of material is important for strength and durability. If you go for steel, ensure it is coated or plated with another non-corrosive material, such as zinc. Otherwise, the bracket will get weak from corrosion. Other brands come with powder-coated components that will work as well.

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