Jeep Cat-Back Exhausts

The curved section of exhaust tube that goes over the rear axle in your Jeep is often squished down from the factory, limiting exhaust flow out of your engine, robbing you of power. A Cat-Back Exhaust System in your Jeep is a great way to gain more power. Some kits also move the muffler up to a more protected place perfect for those Jeepers that spend time off road. ImproRead Moreve sound and performance today with a Cat-Back Exhaust System.

Cat Back Exhausts for Jeeps – Get More Power Out of Your Engine

Are you thinking about adding a cat-back exhaust system to your Jeep? Maybe you already have, but you aren't sure what type of cat-back exhaust will work best with your Wrangler. Rest assured, you have many options regarding the type of cat back exhaust system you can add to your Jeep, but not all systems are created equal, and there are plenty of things to consider when picking out your new exhaust system. What kind of power gains should you expect from an aftermarket Jeep exhaust? How much louder will the exhaust be?

What is a Cat Back Jeep Exhaust System?

The "cat back" name refers to the parts of the exhaust system that are replaced in the new configuration. A cat back exhaust system replaces parts behind catalytic converter, also known as “the cat”. This system comprises catalytic converter outlet pipes, mufflers, tailpipes, and exhaust tips.

Purpose of Cat Back Exhaust System

A cat-back exhaust system allows exhaust gases to exit your car more smoothly, improving engine efficiency. High-quality pipes behind your catalytic converter may seem redundant or unnecessary, but they really can improve your car's performance. For instance, replacing your Jeep JK exhaust's rear section with a cat back system can reduce back pressure and increase engine speed and efficiency.

Benefits of Cat Back Exhausts

A Cat Back Exhaust System in your Jeep is a great way to gain more power. That's because the curved section of the exhaust tube that goes over the rear axle in your Jeep is often squished down from the factory, limiting exhaust flow out of your engine. With a Jeep cat back exhaust, that restriction is removed, allowing your engine to breathe better and make more power. Here are the benefits of Jeep cat-back exhausts;

Larger Tube Diameter

The pipes in the cat-back exhaust system are bigger than those in the stock and axle-back systems. Its tubing is also made of high-quality mandrel-bent tubing. These two things work together to make the system flow better and breathe better. Remember that large-diameter tubing has its benefits, but too much of it can also be bad. Oversize tube diameter can sometimes cause the torque, horsepower, and rpm to drop significantly.

Strong Horsepower and Torque for Better Performance

Cat back exhaust systems offer better performance because the mandrel-bent tubing and larger diameter pipes make the exhaust flow easier. The mandrel-bent tubing lowers the amount of back pressure in the exhaust manifold. As the exhaust flow easier, the engine can breathe better and get more torque and horsepower out of it. Then, the speed and power of your engine are improved. You'll get a lot of speed and power with a new wrangler exhaust system and a catalytic converter that work perfectly as a total system.

Improve Sound

Exhaust systems can change the sound of your car. You will hear a difference from most original exhaust systems. The original exhaust systems do not shape the sound to give it that deep growl which you may want. On the other hand, a cat back exhaust system can cut down on noise if you want as well. Some exhaust systems use straight-through mufflers or glass pack mufflers. The sound of different cat back exhaust systems differs. Some make a subtle growl, while others make a loud growl. Before you choose one of the available Jeep exhausts, you should know what you want. You should also find out the noise limits in the area where you plan to use the vehicle.

A Cat Back Exhaust System in your Jeep is a great way to gain more power. When looking for a Jeep cat-back exhaust system, find one that fits your Jeep model and how you want yours to sound.

Recommended Cat Back Exhausts

Magnaflow Cat Back Exhaust systems have been around for almost 30 years.

Flowmaster Cat Back Exhaust systems like the American Thunder are legendary for Jeep JK.

MBRP Cat Back Exhaust is a great exhaust system specifically for Jeep TJ

And of course Borla offers many options for a great Jeep Gladiator cat back exhaust.

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