Jeep Wrangler & Gladiator Exhaust Y-Pipes & Loop Deletes

We carry a large selction of Y-Pipes, Cross-overs pipes and Header Downpipes for your Jeep. With quality brands like Magnaflow, aFe Power, Rancho, Borla and Rough Country, Northridge4x4 can help you get the right parts for your exhaust. The y pipe, with similar pipes known as X pipe or H pipe, is a vital part of the exhaust system. A y pipe has two primary functions: to reRead Moreduce restriction and to provide a "Y" between your front axle driveshaft and rear axle driveshaft. The reduction in backpressure allows for improved horsepower at high RPMs and provides better fuel economy by allowing more air into each cylinder during acceleration without causing excessive engine temperatures. The second function (providing a "Y") allows for increased ground clearance when used with lift kits or other modifications that raise ride height above stock specifications.

Off-Road Y Pipes and Exhaust Loop Delete Pipes

One main reason for installing an off-road y pipe or an exhaust loop delete pipe is to save weight. By removing the cat back exhaust system, you can remove a lot of unnecessary weight from your vehicle. This can be especially beneficial for the newer trucks and SUVs that come with heavy factory built-in catalytic converters.

Another reason people may want to install a y pipe on their truck or SUV is that they want more power from their engine. A y pipe muffler delete will let you upgrade your exhaust system without needing any other modifications done at all! After getting one of these installed, you'll find that it will help improve your fuel economy by giving off less emissions than what normally would have gone into the atmosphere through your stock factory exhaust system.

What Are the Benefits of a Y Pipe Loop Delete?

The benefits of this modification include:

  • A lighter vehicle with reduced weight
  • Improved acceleration (i.e., quicker from 0–60 mph)
  • Increased power (i.e., faster top speeds)
  • Improved throttle response (i.e., more responsiveness when you want it)
  • Improved off-road performance (i.e., less bogging in mud or snow when you accelerate quickly)
  • Improved fuel economy (i.e., cheaper gas mileage)

How Does a Y pipe Work?

The y pipe has two outlets that branch off it, one for each side of the vehicle (one for each side tail pipe). It is usually made from steel and coated with chrome or stainless steel.

A y pipe uses either O2 sensor(s) or a single 3rd catalytic converter to monitor exhaust gas temperature (EGT). If you have 2 O2 sensors mounted in your factory header collector, they will be plugged into the y pipe using Molex connectors. A single 3rd catalytic converter may also be used as long as it fits within the opening provided in the pipe.

Recommended Y Pipes

Borla y pipes provide maximum flow and power for Jeep JT, JL and JK.

Magnaflow y pipe aftermarket upgrades offer performance better than traditional H-type pipes.

AFE Jeep y pipe in-house dyno testing produced gains of up to +8 horsepower and +14 lb.-ft. of torque.


It's important to know what you need when it comes to off-road y pipe or any other type of exhaust loop delete pipes. Whether you want better performance, easier maintenance, or just a little more power on the trail, we have the right product for your needs. It's also good to remember that these are not just for off-road use only; they can help improve the sound of your 4x4 as well!

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