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Rockers and Sliders provide crucial protection to your Jeep or 4x4s lower body, doors and pinch seam. They can also be used as a step to enter your lifted rig with ease. Navigating tough terrain without any form of Rocker or Slider leaves your rig vulnerable to unsightly dents and dings. Northridge4x4 offers an excellent selection of heavy-duty Rockers & Sliders to valRead Moreiantly protect your investment and add much-needed assistance getting in your lifted rig. Shop from our catalog of name brands such as Rock Hard 4x4, LOD, EVO, Rock Slide Engineering, Teraflex, DV8 and more.

The lower body panels and doors are vulnerable to damage when navigating obstacles on the trail, whether they are rock obstacles, tree stumps, or logs. Rockers and sliders act as a tough shield against obstacles and prevent expensive body damage. Additionally, rockers and sliders can protect the side of your rig from rock chips, mud, sand, gravel, and other debris flung from the tires. They can be mounted in various ways; many options are bolted onto the pinch seam and/or the body mounts. These make for an incredibly simple and quick installation that typically does not require any cutting or body modifications to fit them to your Jeep or 4x4. Frame-mounted rock sliders tend to be the strongest option for hardcore use, though they typically require welding or drilling into the frame to mount them.

Many rockers and sliders are designed not only to protect your Jeep from harm but also to provide a step to enter your rig or access the roof rack. This can be incredibly beneficial for those who have tall, lifted rigs. We also offer powered sliders that automatically lower a step when a door is opened and raise the step back up when not in use. This is great for those who want an accessible and low step that makes getting into your rig much easier than a standard rocker or slider while still protecting your rig from harm.

Northridge4x4 offers an extensive collection of rockers and sliders to bolster your Jeep or 4x4's side protection. Before you hit the trail, investing in a solid set of rockers or sliders gives you the confidence to explore without worrying about damaging your investment.

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