Jeep Skid Plates

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Skid Plates add much needed strength to vulnerable under carriage components, such as the drivetrain, shock mounts, gas tank, and oil pan, preventing costly damage.  Northridge4x4 carries a large selection of skid plates, including oil/transmission pan skid plates, transfer case skid plates, complete systems and more. Our skid plates offer you the peace of mind to expRead Morelore tough terrain with confidence knowing you have safeguarded the vulnerable underbody components. Browse our large selection of top-name brands such as EVO, Rock Hard 4x4, Poison Spyder, Artec Industries, AEV, Teraflex, LOD and more!

Underbody protection is vital when navigating off-road trails. Obstacles such as rocks, tree stumps, and roots can damage or even destroy vital underbody components. Skid plates, such as those for the oil and transmission pans, are a worthwhile upgrade, as most 4x4s, including Jeep Wranglers and Gladiators, do not have factory oil/transmission armor. If either component gets damaged, your vehicle could become undrivable and require a tow off the trail. Eliminate the worry of expensive damage to your rig while out on the trail by protecting your oil/transmission pan with a durable skid plate.

The transfer case is a critical component of your 4x4, transmitting power from the engine to your front and rear differentials. Needless to say, banging it on rocks isn't part of its intended function. Luckily, Northridge4x4 offers an array of high-quality and ultra-durable transfer case skids to eliminate the possibility of losing 4-wheel drive on the trail due to transfer case damage.

The gas tank occupies a large amount of surface area underneath your Jeep or 4x4, making it one of the most frequently impacted underbody components on the trail. It goes without saying that the gas tank is vital for the integrity, safety, and function of your rig. Protecting it with a heavy-duty skid plate ensures you are safe from costly repairs and the potential of being stranded on the trail.

We also offer a large assortment of skid plates for the underbody components of your rig. Skid plates for the lower control arm brackets ensure your control arms are free from harm. The differentials are a long-hanging component on your Jeep or 4x4, so protecting them with a skid plate ensures you don't damage the differential internals or lose fluid on the trail. The shock towers also hang very low and are frequently damaged on the trail, so we offer a variety of tough shock skid plates to keep your expensive suspension components safe.

Northridge4x4 offers everything you need to protect your critical underbody components with ease. Upgrade to heavy-duty skid plates and explore tough trails confidently and safely.

Popular Skid Plate Options For your 4x4

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