Overlanding Storage Solutions

Fuel Tanks, Storage Bags & More

When it comes to overlanding, the need for extra fuel and water is crucial, yet the limited interior storage space of Jeeps often poses a challenge. At Northridge4x4, we offer a comprehensive selection of external fuel and water tanks & mounts, alongside convenient tire-mounted trash bags, to ensure that you can optimize space and maintain a clean and organized Jeep thRead Moreroughout your adventurous journeys.

Our diverse range of external fuel and water tanks & mounts is specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with your Jeep, providing a reliable and secure solution for carrying additional fuel and water supplies. Whether you're traversing remote trails or embarking on extended off-road expeditions, our premium tanks and mounts enable you to carry ample fuel and water, ensuring that you can venture further with confidence and peace of mind.

In addition, our tire-mounted trash bags are the perfect solution for keeping your Jeep and the surrounding trails clean during your overlanding ventures. Crafted with durable materials and user-friendly designs, these trash bags provide a convenient and accessible storage space for disposing of waste, keeping your Jeep interior clutter-free and the wilderness pristine as you explore off-grid destinations.

Browse our extensive collection today and unlock the potential to enhance your overlanding experience with Northridge4x4's premium external fuel and water tanks & mounts, along with our practical tire-mounted trash bags. Experience the freedom to roam further and keep your Jeep organized and the trails clean, all while enjoying the full splendor of nature during your unforgettable overlanding escapades.

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