Winches for your Jeep, Truck or SUV

Winches are one of the best pieces of recovery gear you can add to your Jeep or other off road vehicle. Northridge4x4 carries a wide range of winches to fit every user and every budget. Looking to do a bunch of serious winching? Order up a winch from Warn or ComeUp. Looking for a winch in the budget price range? Take a look at the VR series from WRead Morearn or try a winch from SmittyBilt, Rough Country, DV8 or one of the other low cost alternatives.

Get a High-Quality Winch

If you’re in the habit of stretching the limits of your favorite off-road vehicle, you’ve probably experienced getting stuck a time or two (or more). No matter how prepared you are in terms of grippy tires and performance suspension, some adventures are bound to call for a controlled extraction of your 4x4 from extreme terrain.

Winches are a valuable accessory to include in your off-road exploration, not only for paths specifically designed for winching but also for emergency situations that require winches for safe recovery. They fall under the category of “recovery gear” and can be outfitted on Jeeps, SUVs, or trucks—virtually anything with the torque and power necessary to tow heavy loads in a tight spot. Keep in mind that winches are powerful tools requiring sturdy installation onto even sturdier bumpers, and don’t forget about other recovery gear items that often work in conjunction with the winch to keep you and others safe.

Winch Brands You Can Trust for Off-Road Recovery

We offer everything from introductory budget winches to some of the most hardcore, bullet-proof designs on the market.

1. Warn Winch

For those in need of serious hauling power, here’s our pick for one of the most comprehensive winch setups on the market today: the Warn 16.5TI-S—complete with a massive 16,500 lbs. of pulling capacity, an 80' 3/8" Spydura Pro synthetic rope, a thermometric indicator giving you consistent operator feedback, a durable three-stage planetary gear train, and a best-in-class cone brake. Warn is without a doubt a name to know for 4x4 winching systems. Plus, their products include a limited lifetime warranty.

2. Bulldog Winch

Proof that quality winches don’t always require big budgets, Bulldog has a whole range of products for you to try at an affordable price. You’ll find both wire and synthetic rope winches in the Bulldog catalog spanning the lighter end of the spectrum (still with 5,800-lb capacity) all the way up to 16,500 lbs on higher-end models. Rope lengths generally come in 50-ft and 100-ft options.

3. DV8 Winch

DV8 brings two low-cost winch alternatives to the table, each with 12,000-lb towing capacity and wireless remote capabilities. The major difference between models (and the reason for the price gap) is 86 feet of galvanized, aircraft-grade steel cable in one versus synthetic rope of the same length in the other. Each model also includes a three-year limited warranty.

4. ENGO Winch

ENGO’s straightforward, no bells-and-whistles approach keeps nearly all of these nifty winches below $500. With products rated for both 10,000 and 12,000 lbs, ENGO offers the power, reliability, and dependability required for both off-road and recovery operations. This ENGO SR Series winch includes a hand remote, three-stage planetary drive, an automatic load-holding brake, and a four-way hawse aluminum roller fairlead to guide the 3/8-inch-by-85-foot synthetic rope.

5. Rough Country Winch

The PRO series of winch models from Rough Country are as fine as you’ll find for the price anywhere on the market. These aren’t only for entry-level enthusiasts—just about any off-road driver at any level of experience can benefit from a Rough Country product, which comes rated for either 9,500 or 12,000 lbs with a choice between steel cable and synthetic rope. These high-powered, high-quality recovery solutions are built to ward off the elements, providing reliable recovery with waterproof and dustproof-rated components.

Each unit features Series Wound motors, which are extremely efficient at higher speeds and less prone to overheating compared to Permanent Magnet motors. All Rough Country PRO winch systems also include a replaceable Clevis hook for convenience.

6. Rugged Ridge Winch

The Rugged Ridge Trekker series of electric recovery winches offer both trail-proven reliability and raw power. Built to survive in the worst conditions imaginable, the brawn behind the Trekker lineup is the heavy duty 5.6 / 6.6 series wound motor that delivers consistent pull strength through a 3-stage planetary drive gear. A 212:1 gear ratio means you see quicker line speeds, getting you back to wheeling in record time. With an IP-68 waterproof rating, they are practically impervious to water, dirt, and sand. Trekker Series Winches are available with a handy wireless remote and 26-meter synthetic line, or with a traditional steel cable and a weatherproof wired remote.

7. Smittybilt Winch

What’s not to love about Smittybilt Winches? They’re incredibly reliable and a breeze to install, and many are still on the lower end of the pricing spectrum despite plenty of available options and add-ons that make operation incredibly user-friendly. We’re partial to the amphibious X2O 10K Winch Waterproof Gen2. Smittybilt also includes a lifetime mechanical or 5-year electrical warranty to ensure your backcountry adventures go smoothly.

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