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A Quick Look at Your Standard Jeep Suspension Upgrades

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Building a comfortable ride for your Jeep’s next off-road adventure starts with an upgraded suspension. There are many components working together to make your vehicle’s journey over extreme terrain an enjoyable one—we’ve compiled a list below of the most important elements of your Jeep’s suspension, along with links to available Northridge 4x4 upgrades.

Jeep Bump Stops: Bump stops are rubber or urethane shock absorbers (sometimes called “jounce bumpers”) that serve as a cushion to protect the various components of your suspension, particularly when your suspension system bottoms out. When you strike a particularly violent bump in terrain, bump stops prevent your compressed springs from damaging your vehicle’s frame. As a nice bonus, they also allow you to personalize your Jeep with longer shocks.

Jeep Suspension Bushings: Wherever two metal components in your Jeep’s suspension form a joint, rubber bushings are employed to safeguard against potential impact damage and dampen the effects of uneven surfaces on the feel of your ride. A new set of bushings will help tighten up the feel of your Jeep’s handling. Old, cracked, worn out bushings will cause your Jeep to feel old and unresponsive—and the resulting tremors can have costly effects on the rest of your vehicle. A set of new bushings from Rock Krawler, Rubicon Express, Old Man Emu, or one of our many other brands will go a long way toward making your Jeep more street-able.

Jeep Control Arms: Control arms do exactly that: they control the motion of your suspension. When control arms wear out from hard driving, drivers may notice an unhealthy clunking noise when braking or turning, steering wander (drifting from side to side without input from the steering wheel), and uneven wear on tires. A quality set of control arms like those made by Rock Krawler, Currie, and ARB will mitigate these issues and aid your Jeep’s performance both on and off the road.

Jeep Suspension Disconnects, Hardware, & Joints: The little details in your Jeep’s suspension matter. Quality sway bar disconnects, hardware, and joints are all necessary to maximize your new suspension upgrades. Performance suspensions require good, durable hardware that’s easy to maintain and trustworthy in harsh environments. We carry reliable disconnects, hardware, and joints from brands like Rock Krawler, Teraflex, Synergy, BDS, JKS, Zone, Rubicon Express, and Johnnie Joints for all your aftermarket suspension needs.

Jeep Limiting Straps: Super high flex suspension getting a little out of hand? Use limiting straps to keep it from dropping out too far and causing catastrophic damage to your shocks. Over-extending your vehicle’s shocks and driveshaft can quickly total your suspension, especially if you plan to take your Jeep off jumps or across rough terrain. Northridge4x4 carries limiting straps from Rock Krawler, TeraFlex, EVO, and Synergy in different lengths and styles to help tame your suspension.

Jeep Track Bars: Track bars are often overlooked when it comes time to dial in your suspension, but a factory track bar is only good for factory height. To lift your suspension and make way for larger tires and improved performance in rocky terrain, you’ll need a longer track bar to help your Jeep go straight down the road. Track bars are crucial to maintaining your Jeep’s alignment and responsiveness—not to mention avoiding the dreaded “death-wobble” of a suspension pushed beyond its limits.

Jeep Sway Bars & Sway Bar Links: Aftermarket sway bars and sway bar links are a great way to tailor the handling of your Jeep to your liking and adapt your suspension to a custom lift kit. Maintaining sway bars and links also preserves driver safety, as these elements of your suspension invariably wear out over time and can cause excessive rattling and handling problems if not properly addressed. We carry a wide selection of available sway bars and links to improve the handling in various Jeep models and other 4X4 vehicles, as well as both solid and disconnectable sway bar links in different sizes to fit whatever you have.

Jeep Specialty Suspension Tools: If you’re aiming to install or maintain aftermarket suspension parts on your Jeep, you’ll probably need a few specialty tools to work on it. We've got you covered with a large selection, including sockets to rebuild your vehicle’s high flex joints, nitrogen fill kits to keep your shocks operating at full strength, and spanners needed to adjust the custom suspensions often found in built Jeeps and other off-road vehicles.

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