Shocks are one of the biggest ride improvements you can make to your Jeep. Adding a set of high quality shocks to your Jeep will smooth out those OE coil springs and add much more control over the bums and through the turns. You will also find that if you add a lift kit, you'll need a longer shock or shock extensions to make up for the added height.  

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Jeep Shocks and Suspension Components You’ll Need to Take Your Ride to the Next Level  

If you’re looking into aftermarket Jeep parts, chances are you’ve at least considered an upgrade to the star of your vehicle’s suspension: custom shocks. Personalizing your Jeep through lift kits and progressively larger tire options is fun (no argument there), but even these seemingly harmless modifications require tight handling and adequate shock absorption to truly push your vehicle to its limits. 

Quality shocks, together with supporting tools and upgrades, make a dramatic difference between a relatively comfortable ride and feeling every unfortunate jolt. Everything comes down to how effectively your suspension setup dampens the impact of harsh terrain on your vehicle’s solid frame.  

Jeep Shocks: Let’s start at the top. Since the right suspension is crucial to optimizing your Jeep’s comfort and performance, shocks are the first place to look for customizing how your vehicle rides. You can trust Fox, Bilstein, Teraflex, and Rancho Performance to deliver some of the highest-quality shock replacements around. No matter your budget or experience in aftermarket suspension setups, you can get the right shocks for your needs from Northridge4x4 to help create the best possible ride in your Jeep for years to come.  

Jeep Bar Pin Eliminators and Adapters: Aftermarket bar pin eliminators and adapters are one of the first stock components you’ll want to replace to rid yourself of unnecessary thumping beneath your feet as you cross rocky terrain. They help resolve the common issues of OEM bar pins not fitted precisely into your Jeep’s suspension setup, which causes uncomfortable rattling and pounding (and quickly destroys your bushings). Bar pin eliminators and adapters create a strong base on which to install new shocks while providing a precise, fitted suspension connecting your frame to the road without components slamming into one another unnecessarily and causing excessive wear. Northridge 4x4 carries upgraded parts from TeraFlex, Currie, JKS, and other great manufacturers.  

Jeep Coilover Kits: If your goal is to dial in your handling according to your own personal preferences, an aftermarket coilover system is the best way to go. The customizable strut-and-spring construction of a coilover is a hallmark of modified suspension design. (Some vehicles do come with stock coilovers, but this often removes the ability to modify handling.) Internally, a coilover’s struts support the chassis of your vehicle via pistons repeatedly forced through oil to instantly dampen the effects of uneven road surfaces and keep your car stable as you drive. 

Aftermarket coilovers are built with aluminum-alloy struts and adjustable springs, with specialty oil within the strut to better absorb the bumps and bruises you’ll be putting your ride through as you explore extreme terrain or drive through harsh conditions. In addition to all-around performance benefits, coilover kits also offer the flexibility to tune your suspension to your liking for just the right amount of bounce and control both on and off roadways. Used by off-road racers everywhere, the coilover shock is the ultimate in spring and shock tuning. Northridge4x4 carries coilovers in many different flavors, from FOX to EVO, ICON, and more.  

Jeep Shock Tools: Custom cosmetics and tools of the trade are important aspects of Jeep ownership. If you’re needing to repair your suspension, maintain your ride, or simply dress up your shocks with a brightly-colored Rough Country shock boot for that extra touch, newcomers and seasoned gearheads alike can find just what they need from Northridge 4x4’s selection of aftermarket parts, tools, and accessories.  

Jeep Shock Mounts and Brackets: Custom mounts and brackets are designed to protect your suspension from repeated abuse while allowing your shocks to travel further and achieve greater ground clearance. Some mounts are also designed with specific jobs in mind to keep your suspension tightly secured.  For example, aftermarket shock clamps (also referred to on some sites as “reservoir clamps”) are simple components used to secure shocks and remote reservoirs to one another. Keeping these components from shaking loose during your weekend off-road trips is key to preventing costly damage to your whole suspension setup. Northridge4x4 carries a huge selection of Jeep shock mounts and brackets from AEV, ARB/OME, Artec Industries, Rock Krawler, EVO, and more.  Jeep Shock Towers: A pair of new shock towers adds a reliable way to mount your shocks, coilovers, air shocks, or struts. However, unlike some suspension parts, this one does require some welding (and painting if you’re concerned about appearance). This durable shock tower from Artec Industries is a good place to start.


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